Call For Projects - Deadline 11 August 2013

Funding for Mini-Projects

The EPSRC-funded Semantic Media Network project in collaboration with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is offering funding for three to four mini-projects in the context of future media navigation technology. To encourage working together, mini-projects must involve at least two UK-based academic institutions eligible to receive EPSRC awards. We accept applications in all fields relevant to the development of future media navigation technology including but not limited to signal processing (e.g. audio, video, image), computer vision, text mining, semantic web, knowledge engineering, databases, machine learning, e-research, human interactivity and social computing. Applications incorporating either linked data technology, methods for analysing/processing/annotating media during their production, or cross-disciplinary / cross-modal strategies will be preferred (see also next section).

To establish joint academic/industrial research and allow academic researchers to gain industry experience, we additionally accept project applications in collaboration with the BBC on the following topics, which represent practical issues in the context of broadcasting media:

  • Creating and Exploiting Mappings Between Linked Data Sources and Social Media Content.
  • Automatic Alignment of Production Scripts and Corresponding Audio Takes.
  • Robust Audio Fingerprinting for Extended Navigation Capabilities.

Please see this website for more detailed information on the BBC tasks.

About The Semantic Media Network Project

The Semantic Media Network project addresses the challenge of time-based navigation in large collections of media documents. The project focuses on investigating new ways to empower users to find relevant content and exploring how industry and universities can work together in this field. Central strategies to be explored include:

  • Content-related metadata as an effective and scalable approach applicable to future large scale, automated and interactive information systems.
  • The collection (and computation) of metadata during the production of media.
  • Representation of metadata amenable to knowledge processing and management, linked data strategies and logical inference.
  • Using a truly cross-disciplinary approach, ranging from fundamental theory to applied research set in the context of a real problem.

The project's scope is the whole life-cycle of content with the goal of empowering human producers and consumers to effectively reuse, re-purpose, and personalize material, whether for entertainment, news, documentaries, education, interviews, health-care, science or security.

A central goal for Semantic Media events and mini-projects is to support interesting collaboration opportunities between researchers in order to foster relationships and encourage working together (EPSRC priority 'Working Together'). In this context, mini-projects can help to try out brave new ideas and thus might serve as stepping stones towards full-scale follow-up projects and collaborative grant applications.

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: 11 August 2013 (BBC-tasks and normal mini-projects)
Notification of Acceptance: 24 September 201301 October 2013
Earliest Start of Project: 01 October 2013
Latest Start of Project: 01 January 2014


Applications are subject to requirements listed on this website. Please carefully read the information provided before submitting an application.

Please use the application form provided on this website (docx format or odt format) and send the completed form back to Sebastian Ewert ( For further questions, please also contact Sebastian.