Funding for Mini-Projects and Feasibility Studies

To support interesting collaboration opportunities between universities (and industry partners), the semantic media project will fund several mini-projects and feasibility studies resulting from project meetings and sandpits. We hope that applications will foster relationships and encourage working together as well as serve as integral stepping stones towards full-scale follow-up projects and collaborative grant applications.


Applications are subject to requirements listed in the following:

  • Applications must involve at least two universities (and preferably a self-funded industrial partner or hub partner)
  • Mini-projects and case studies should be carried out over a period of three to six months.
  • The amount of an award for a project is preferably between £10k-25k and must not exceed £50k.
  • Organizations to receive an award must be eligible for support through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).
  • Project results have to be reported either as
    • an article published on a conference / in a journal of high standing,
    • or as a technical report to be published on (typical length: four pages)
  • Semantic Media will provide 50% of an award to accepted applications upfront. The remaining 50% will be provided after results have been reported.

Application Form

Please use the application form provided on this website (docx format or odt format) and send the completed form back to Sebastian Ewert ( For further questions, please also contact Sebastian.

Important dates

The application process will be organized in rounds. The submission deadline for the first round will be 5 February 2013, 23:59 UTC.

Additional Notes

  • Please submit only one form for each project application, even though multiple institutions are involved.
  • The receiving university will be responsible for distributing the award.
  • PI time is not covered by this funding scheme.
  • Involving PhD students and supporting their academic development through Semantic Media mini-projects is highly encouraged and such applications will be preferred.
  • Involving PhD students from each institution participating in a project is an accepted and encouraged form of collaboration.
  • Presenting the results of projects to the community at future semantic media workshops and events is highly encouraged.
  • Accepted proposals will be eligible for travel funding to present outcomes at a relevant conference of high standing. Universities will be expected to co-fund travel, typically on a 50% basis.