Events Organized by Semantic Media

A major goal of the Semantic Media project is to establish an open network uniting industrial and academic research efforts. To this end, project workshops bring industrialists together with theoretical and applied researchers, to foster relationships, and encourage working together to find solutions to science and technology problems that are relevant to digital media.

Semantic Media @ The British Library

Date: 23 September 2013
A central goal for the 'Semantic Media @ The British Library' workshop is explore synergies between the British Library and the Semantic Media project, and to bring researchers together with archive curators, to foster relationships, and encourage working together to find solutions to science and technology problems relevant to digital media.

Call-For-Projects - August 2013

Date: 11 August 2013
The EPSRC-funded Semantic Media Network project in collaboration with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is offering funding for three to four mini-projects in the context of future media navigation technology. To encourage working together, mini-projects must involve at least two UK-based academic institutions eligible to receive EPSRC awards. We accept applications in all fields relevant to the development of future media navigation technology including but not limited to signal processing (e.g. audio, video, image), computer vision, text mining, semantic web, knowledge engineering, databases, machine learning, e-research, human interactivity and social computing.

Special Session 'Semantic Media' at WIA2MIS 2013

Date: 3-5 July 2013
A major goal for this special session will be to bring together researchers working on various
topics relevant to the Semantic Media project in order to identify opportunities to combine
technology in truly innovative ways. In particular, we want to bring together experts in semantic
web, knowledge engineering, and machine learning with researchers working on text mining, signal
processing, and image, audio and video analysis.

Semantic Media @ BBC

Date: 6 February 2013
Overall, the goals were to demonstrate, which archival problems a company such as the BBC is facing and to find ways for academia and industry to collaborate. In this context, the BBC presented various datasets, which are available to interested researchers for free under non-disclosure agreements. Furthermore, various speakers from the BBC gave examples of current research projects within the BBC and discussed typical production and archive workflows. Here, the goal was to spark new research ideas, which for example exploit the availability of side information that is generated in production environments. Many thanks to the speakers again: John Fletcher, Jonathan McKinnell, Chris Baume, Neill Angier, Jana Eggink, Rob Cooper, Andy O'Dwyer, Denise Bland, Jana Eggink and Sam Davies.

Call-For-Projects - February 2013

Date: 5 February 2013
To support interesting collaboration opportunities between universities (and industry partners), the semantic media project will fund several mini-projects and feasibility studies resulting from project meetings and sandpits. We hope that applications will foster relationships and encourage working together as well as serve as integral stepping stones towards full-scale follow-up projects and collaborative grant applications.

Semantic Media Project Workshop

Date: 2 October 2012
Project Kickoff workshop. Confirmed keynote speakers so far are Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg (often referred to as the inventor of the MP3 standard; now director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology in Germany), Prof. David De Roure (Director Oxford e-Research Centre, University of Oxford), as well as Yves Raimond and David Rogers (BBC R&D).