Semantic Media @ BBC - 6 February 2013

On behalf of the organizing team, we would like to invite you to the 'Semantic Media @ BBC' workshop being held at the BBC Centre House (56 Wood Lane, London W12 7SB) on 6 February 2013.

The Semantic Media Network Project

The Semantic Media Network project addresses the challenge of time-based navigation in large collections of media documents. The project focuses on investigating new ways to empower users to find relevant content and exploring how industry and universities can work together in this field. In particular, one of the project's central ideas is that (highly sophisticated) annotation should occur within the production process, so that not only consumers benefit from the introduction of new search, browsing, and recommendation technologies but also the producers of content (composers, musicians, script-writers, directors, actors). Furthermore, annotating content as early as possible allows for integrating knowledge of the production workflow, which leads not only to simplified and hence more robust automatic procedures but also to more detailed metadata and richer user interfaces. Additionally, managing and exposing this metadata using modern semantic web and linked data technology allows for uniting various sources of information which enables users to more effectively identify relevant content and thus helps to widen the consumer's increasingly narrow bands of media experience. The project's scope is the whole life-cycle of content with the goal of empowering human producers and consumers to effectively reuse, re-purpose, and personalize material, whether for entertainment, news, documentaries, education, interviews, health-care, science or security.

The 'Semantic Media @ BBC' workshop

A major goal of the Semantic Media project is to establish an open network uniting industrial and academic research efforts related to the development of novel tools and standards for organizing and navigating in digital media. To this end, the project meetings bring industrialists together with theoretical and applied researchers, to foster relationships, and encourage working together to find solutions to science and technology problems that are relevant to digital media; see our website for a list of initial project partners (

Goals for the 'Semantic Media @ BBC' workshop include:

  1. To demonstrate the work of BBC R&D in areas relevant for the Semantic Media project, and to identify tasks on which the BBC could collaborate with academic researchers
  2. To present datasets that the BBC has to offer to external researchers.
  3. To involve the BBC production and archive departments to
    • to illustrate how the production and archival process works within a large scale media corporation
    • to gather ideas for new annotation and metadata technology to be developed within Semantic Media projects (or in full-scale follow-up projects)
    • to identify how people involved in the archival and production process could actually benefit from new technology and how novel computational methods could be integrated into existing workflows in such a way that they would be accepted as new and useful tools.

Since academic research typically does not include the production of media seeing the "real world" is essential for the project and hence it is important to integrate production and archive experts as early as possible.


The programme is not fixed yet and will likely be subject to change.

09:45 Registration
10:00 Introduction (Graham Thomas / Mark Sandler)
Production Session
10:10 John Fletcher: Typical TV Production Practices
10:40 Jonathan McKinnell: Automated Metadata Generation for Productions
11:00 Chris Baume: Enhanced music discovery
11:20 Coffee Break
Archives Session
11:40 Neill Angier: Content creation, archives and metadata
12:10 Jana Eggink / Rob Cooper / Andy O'Dwyer: Research Datasets available at the BBC
12:40 Denise Bland / Jana Eggink / Sam Davies: The BBC Mood Interface
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Open discussions - Please stay and join our discussions

Funding of Mini-Projects

To support interesting collaboration opportunities between universities and industry partners, the semantic media project is funding mini-projects resulting from project meetings and sandpits. We hope that these mini-projects will serve as important stepping stones towards full-scale collaborative national and European project proposals. See also


The 'Semantic Media @ BBC' workshop will take place as a half-day event at the BBC Centre House in 56 Wood Lane, London W12 7SB on 6 February 2013, see also here:


Please note that while attendance is free of charge, we kindly ask you, for organizational purposes, to register as early as possible if you intend to come. Furthermore, it will be necessary to prepare security passes and hence registration is mandatory. Please use the following website to register:
The event is sold out. Please send a mail to Sebastian Ewert ( if you would like to attend. Tickets becoming available again (e.g. through cancellations) will be allocated this way.

We hope to see you at the BBC. On behalf of the project team,

Graham Thomas (British Broadcasting Corporation BBC)
Mark Sandler (Queen Mary University of London)
David De Roure (University of Oxford)
Sebastian Ewert (Queen Mary University of London)